Patients waiting for a diagnosis often go through an incredibly difficult time, and waiting longer to know can cause further stress and anxiety. For those who do have breast cancer, a slower diagnosis can prevent them starting treatment as quickly as possible.

We are concerned that the government is not doing enough to ensure people are diagnosed as quickly as possible, so we are calling on them to commit to a target that 95% of patients should receive a diagnosis of cancer or have it ruled out within 28 days of urgent referral.

Our cross-party letter

We’ve been asking MPs in England to sign a letter to the Health Secretary in support of this truly ambitious target.

The letter has been signed by over 50 Parliamentarians, showing the strong, cross-party support for our call.

The Health Secretary must now listen and take the necessary action to make sure people are diagnosed as quickly as possible – because when it comes to diagnosing breast cancer, there’s no time to waste.

If I’d had to wait a long time for my diagnosis, I would have been very scared, thinking that whilst I’m waiting the cancer is spreading. It would feel like having a ticking time bomb inside me. I’d get angry as well, the emotional pressure would be explosive. I cannot begin to imagine how awful it would be to have to wait.