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By giving back I’ve turned my negative experience of cancer into a huge positive

After being told she had an aggressive form of early cancer in 2018, Paulette stayed upbeat thanks to the support she received. Her path to recovery has included helping others through Breast Cancer Now’s voluntary programmes.

Care and expert treatment got me through

In early 2018 I attended a routine mammogram appointment, which resulted in a recall for further investigation at my nearby hospital. From that point on, my thoughts became blurred as I slowly realised the tests had revealed early cancer in the form of high-grade, aggressive DCIS in my right breast.

Thanks to the caring and expert treatment I received from my surgeon and her team, I was able to stay positive and continue along the path to becoming cancer free, culminating in a mastectomy in September 2018. I consider myself extremely fortunate that I did not require further treatment or medication, other than attending yearly mammograms to monitor my remaining breast. If all continues to remain clear, I will be cancer free in 2023 and not require any further interventions.

Contributing to a cause I’m passionate about

I will be forever grateful for the enduring care and support which I was so very fortunate to receive, and it has left me with a fervent desire to give back in any way possible by offering support to those who might need it.

I discovered Breast Cancer Now and elected to join their Voices Network. This has been crucial in allowing me to contribute to a cause I’m passionate about, and in so doing, meet other like-minded people along the way. I receive regular emails and updates containing opportunities to take part in forums, surveys and meetings, where people affected by Breast Cancer can share ideas and support each other.

Even during Covid I was able to attend online Zoom sessions and take part in several research opportunities. This has been extremely therapeutic in my own recovery process, and I am honoured to be able to participate in such a worthwhile opportunity, making a huge difference in people’s lives when they most need support.

Giving back taught me what’s truly important

I would advocate that anyone who feels they could offer any advice or just offer a listening ear to fellow cancer patients, consider joining in with Breast Cancer Now activities and help develop lasting, significant bonds with others in the community.

It’s through the unselfish act of giving back that I have learnt to truly appreciate what is important to me in life, and subsequently turn the negative experience of cancer into something very positive in my life.

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