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Becoming a volunteer following my diagnosis has helped me readjust to life

After she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Anisa became detached from ‘normal’ life. In her Office Volunteer role with Breast Cancer Now, she’s starting to feel comfortable again.

I wanted to get back into the world and stop feeling like a patient

I was motivated to become an Office Volunteer at Breast Cancer Now through my own experience with breast cancer, as I felt it was a manageable way for me to somehow help others who have been affected.

It was a way of me giving back and saying thank you to the volunteers who were there for me when I needed these services.

What I enjoy most about my Office Volunteer role is the people I get to work with. Every person I’ve met so far has been amazing, and so genuinely kind and considerate. I could really tell straight away from the working environment that I would feel comfortable and safe once I was in the office.

That was another important motivation for my volunteering: to regain my confidence, get back into the world and no longer feel like I was just a patient. Breast Cancer Now felt like a safe place where I could do that.

I already feel I have benefitted so much

I also like that the role can be tailored for me, and I’m not just given any task that needs completing.

In my role, I hope to develop my communication skills, as well as improve my IT abilities (which are essential in today’s digital world).

Even though I’ve only recently started, I already feel like I’ve benefitted so much. I’m starting to feel a little more ‘normal’ around people again. I’m gaining more confidence each week, adjusting to being back in an office environment, and also getting used to not having to explain my diagnosis. There’s something weirdly liberating about it.

Although not everyone knows I’ve also had breast cancer, they have still been so supportive – especially Anna, the Volunteering Administrator. She is always so patient and understanding. I really enjoy our weekly video catch-ups; I always leave feeling so positive and smiling.

I was very nervous to start, but having a space where I can be honest with her so we both gain from this role is the best place to be.

Everyone has made me feel safe and supported

I would definitely recommend that other people volunteer with Breast Cancer Now. I’ve felt so safe, and it’s been the perfect environment to get back in an office after my diagnosis.

Plus, I still have the option to use the services whilst volunteering.

The role is flexible and is just as much about what I can gain for myself as it is about helping others. Everyone here is so lovely and I know I can learn so much more with Breast Cancer Now.

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